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Enable BitLooker with PowerShell on all jobs

Hi all Short info: In the Veeam documentation I found a PowerShell script, that helps you to enable BitLooker on all your Veeam jobs. Very helpful if you have more than only 5 jobs 🙂 Script (also in the Script Section)



Do you know VeeamHub?

If not, you have to check this site: some nice code snippets will be posted there, I’m sure. I will also upload my PowerShell scripts there. If you have something to share, do that and help others 🙂 “VeeamHub has been created with the goal to collect, maintain and share different software creations related to Veeam. Powershell scripts, VMware vRealize Orchestrator workflows, and other software projects are already shared there. Note that the code in VeeamHub is community supported, but NOT officially supported. Even if some Veeam people is involved, the software shared over VeeamHub is not supported nor guaranteed by...


Veeam Cloud Provider Test Script

New script to check if Veeam port (Cloud connect) is open based on URL and telnet > port 6180. Helps if you have multiple gateways and you will check, if they’re available. Script can be used from service providers and customers. Note: please change $Servers to your service provider URL.

  Das Script findet man auch in der Script Setion.


Veeam Copy-Job und die 30MB Files

Kürzlich haben wir in einer Umgebung einige Veeam Backup-Files aufgefunden, welche nur 30MB gross waren. Veeam erstellt bei jedem Copy-Job ein Backup-File, welches standardmässig 30MB gross ist. Wenn keine Änderungsdaten übermittelt werden müssen (z.B. VM ist ausgeschaltet), kann dieses File leer bleiben. In unserem Falle hatten wir aber Änderungen, welche übertragen werden sollten. Um ein solches verhalten nicht nur anhand des Copy-Job Status zu überwachen, habe ich habe ich in ein einfaches Script (PowerShell) in der neuen Script Section publiziert, welches dabei hilft, solche Files zu finden.