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VMworld 2019 – Veeam Sessions

Hi all VMworld 2019 is already a few weeks behind us. And I just wanna share with you the great work from William Lam. On his site:¬† there is a guide for downloading the sessions. Codes for Veeam sessions are: HBI3535BUS HBI3532BUS Enjoy ūüôā Regards Patrice

VMworld 2019

Dear all Happy to announce that I’m going to SFO to attend VMworld 2019. Stay tuned for some updates. In the meanwhile, read the 6.7 U3 News: Regards


Dear all Proud to share the following News:¬†Free VEEAM NFR FREE NFR One of the best ways to learn is from your own experience, that‚Äôs why Veeam¬ģ is providing a FREE NFR server license to certified engineers, trainers and bloggers. VAS (Agents included!) O365 Be sure to take your FREE NFR today! Regards vm-UP! Admin

VMware Horizon View 4.10 fails to connect

Dear all Issue Had some Issues with a customer connecting to an old (5.x) Horizon View environment with my 4.10 Agent (MAC). Client connects but immediately after connecting I got a black screen and a disconnection message.   Resolution This is because of a change / disable TLS 1.0 version. So just use the 4.9 client or tell your customer to update ūüôā   Download You can download it here:¬†¬†   Regards and Happy New Year!

ESXi Issue with restart

Dear all During an ESXiUpdate I hade some issues and restarted the Then I got following error     to “fix” it you have to use following command:

You have to press¬†CTRL+C so you can quit tail -f log monitor  

ESXi management

Hi everyone I’m not sure if you know already this, but a few days ago I had a vSphere installation for a customer. During the configuration of the ESXi i found the little tiny button in the right upper corner: There you can: Change root Password Change Language Setting up console defaults and change the application timeout It made my life so much easyer during the ESXi management / configuration. Regards & Happy easter

VMware Horizon View & Windows 10 (VDI)

Hi all My last project was based on VMware Horizon View & Windows 10. So there are a lot of guides out there (see link list at the end). I did some other changes that helped me: Compatibility Be sure, that your actual Win10 Build is supported by Horizon View:   Tools Use the VMware OS Optimization Tool   Settings DelayedDesktopSwitchTimeout To configure the value of the¬†DelayedDesktopSwitchTimeout¬†registry entry, follow these steps: Click¬†Start, type¬†regedit¬†in the¬†Start Search¬†box, and then press ENTER. Locate the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System Double-click the¬†DelayedDesktopSwitchTimeout¬†registry entry. In the¬†Value data¬†box, type¬†5, and then click¬†OK. On the¬†File¬†menu, click¬†Exit....


VMware View Agent for VMs not in vCenter

Hi all Requireent If you have to install the VMware Horizon View Agent outside a VM (or a phyiscal PC) not managed in vCenter you have to use the following command:   Soution in VMware Agent VMware-viewagent-Y.Y.Y0-xxxxxx.exe /v‚ÄĚVDM_VC_MANAGED_AGENT=0‚Ä≥ If you then create a manual desktop pool in the VMware Horizon View Admin you will see the desktop listed in “Other” sources. Hope this helps other out there in the jungle ūüôā Buy Cifran Cipro online