Monthly Archive: April 2016


ANNOUNCING – Veeam Availability Suite 9.5

Today Veeam launched the 9.5 website. Nimbel would be the next storage integration in Veeam Availability Suite (v.9.5) Read all about that new integration: More information:   Buy Acimox Amoxil


Error: Processing “VM” Error: The RPC service is unavailable RPC function call failed….

Last week I saw the following CopyJob error (problem startet after installing U1 for V9): After some researching and try’s to fix this issue ( did not work) I found a solution that worked for me: Check AV exclusions: I clicked through (next Buy Zithromax , next, finish) all the wizards for proxy, repository, WAN accelerator (all Veeam components) and restarted the job. Maybe this helps someone else.


Parallel Processing and GFS Mediapool

Today I was implementing a tape library with 2 drives. After the library was set up and ready to use I created a GFS Mediapool and a new backup job. In the logs I recognized, that only one drive was used instead of both. After some research I found following explanation: NOTE: You cannot enable parallel processing for GFS media pools. In the “classic” Mediapool you have the setting:   There was a post in the Veeam Community from Dima P.: „Parallel processing for GFS media pools feature is planned as a part of further GFS media pool enhancements“...


Veeam Cloud Provider Test Script

New script to check if Veeam port (Cloud connect) is open based on URL and telnet > port 6180. Helps if you have multiple gateways and you will check, if they’re available. Script can be used from service providers and customers. Note: please change $Servers to your service provider URL.

  Das Script findet man auch in der Script Setion.