Monthly Archive: April 2016


ANNOUNCING – Veeam Availability Suite 9.5

Today Veeam launched the 9.5 website. Nimbel would be the next storage integration in Veeam Availability Suite (v.9.5) Read all about that new integration: More information:  


Error: Processing “VM” Error: The RPC service is unavailable RPC function call failed….

Last week I saw the following CopyJob error (problem startet after installing U1 for V9): After some researching and try’s to fix this issue ( did not work) I found a solution that worked for me: Check AV exclusions: I clicked through (next, next, finish) all the wizards for proxy, repository, WAN accelerator (all Veeam components) and restarted the job. Maybe this helps someone else.


Parallel Processing and GFS Mediapool

Today I was implementing a tape library with 2 drives. After the library was set up and ready to use I created a GFS Mediapool and a new backup job. In the logs I recognized, that only one drive was used instead of both. After some research I found following explanation: NOTE: You cannot enable parallel processing for GFS media pools. In the “classic” Mediapool you have the setting:   There was a post in the Veeam Community from Dima P.: „Parallel processing for GFS media pools feature is planned as a part of further GFS media pool enhancements“...


Veeam Cloud Provider Test Script

New script to check if Veeam port (Cloud connect) is open based on URL and telnet > port 6180. Helps if you have multiple gateways and you will check, if they’re available. Script can be used from service providers and customers. Note: please change $Servers to your service provider URL.

  Das Script findet man auch in der Script Setion.