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Azure / O365 Links

Hi all Some links, that my help you: O365 Data Location Azure Services Azure Location   Regards vm-UP ! – Team

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SimpliVity CLI basic commands

Hi all During my SimpliVity PoC I created a lot of VMs, cloned and migrated them. It is much easier doing this task over the SimpliVity CLI. Here is a small guide – a 101 – for some basic tasks that during testing helped me a lot: About the colors of the commands: orange means fixed commands green means values, you can change at your own needs CLI Access You can access the SimpliVity OmniStack Command Line Interface (CLI) in two ways:   Possibility 1 (SimpliVity user host: IP / DNS name of the OVC (SimpliVity  OmniStack Virtual Controller) username:...


vSphere 6.5 and VMworld

Hi all Two weeks ago I was in Barcelona at VMworld. A lot of cool news and information’s were shared. Most interesting part for me was the release of vSphere 6.5. For more details check this link Veeam also did a great job with and of course with their legendary party. J The last two months I didn’t share a lot of information, but I hope, v9.5 will be soon released, so I can post a lot of new content. Regards


vCenter Migration Utility & new customer portal

Hello everyone I’ve got three information’s for those, who didn’t see the changes: First, Veeam has released their new customer portal. You can manage you license, downloads or create a new case. Really the same as in the old version, but it looks pretty nice now. Second, there is a changed / new KB: vCenter Migration Utility    Third, Veeam has a new CEO William Largent, Veeam’s executive vice president, will be the company’s new CEO Full article  


ANNOUNCING – Veeam Availability Suite 9.5

Today Veeam launched the 9.5 website. Nimbel would be the next storage integration in Veeam Availability Suite (v.9.5) Read all about that new integration: More information:  


Error: Processing “VM” Error: The RPC service is unavailable RPC function call failed….

Last week I saw the following CopyJob error (problem startet after installing U1 for V9): After some researching and try’s to fix this issue ( did not work) I found a solution that worked for me: Check AV exclusions: I clicked through (next, next, finish) all the wizards for proxy, repository, WAN accelerator (all Veeam components) and restarted the job. Maybe this helps someone else.


Hallo Welt 2.0

Willkommen zum ersten Post auf dem vm-UP Blog! In Zukunft werden hier zu div. IT bezogenen Themen Beiträge entstehen, welche im täglichen (Schweizer) IT-Leben anzutreffen sind. Der Fokus wird auf Virtualisierung und Backup liegen. Natürlich werden aber auch andere Themen nicht vernachlässigt – denken wir nur an den aktuellen Cloud Hype oder das Thema rund um Hyper-Converged Storage. In diesem Sinne – einen guten Start