Some words about performance

Dear Veeam Admin

Some words about performance (one of the top 5 topics I see in any review J)

In the last years I did a lot of Veeam installations and reviews. Normally you check the default components such as backup repos, Windows server config, network and you spend a lot of time to analyze the Veeam reports, or you use IOmeter ā€“ only a short list of all the possibilities you have to do a review.

But what I see a lot is that customers do not check their Anti-Virus exclusions. Especially with Sophos we had some big troubles (also Cloud Providers) and I really advise you to recheck your AV exclusions. Veeam has a great KB about all the exclusions you have to set up on each type of server role:

So please recheck and Iā€™m sure you would see some difference.

Regards and Happy Backup

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