Monthly Archive: July 2020

HPE Demonstration Portal

Are you interested in HPE Technology? Then you have to check the HPE Demonstration Portal You will find a lot of informations, Demos, How-To’s and more Resources regarding HPE Technology & Services. Check it out – NOW ! ūüôā

Veeam Sizing Tool

Veeam launched a new Sizing Tool. Check it out on the ProPartner Site: Sizing Tool Guite (PDF): + Description From Veeam The Veeam¬ģ¬†sizing tool provides guidance on how to size a Veeam backup environment. This tool provides sizing information for the backup servers, proxies, repositories, SQL servers and bandwidth that are required for an environment. For simplicity, the tool was built to size one location. If you have multiple datacenters Buy Ciclonal Doxycycline , please run calculations for each datacenter separately. If you need to size a datacenter with more than 10,000 virtual machines (VMs), please run the sizing tool...


Modify Automation Start / Stop for VMs in Azure

First connect to Azure Connect-AzAccount $tenantId = (Get-AzContext).Tenant.Id Get all information about Automation Accounts Get-AzAutomationVariable¬†-Name¬†External_ExcludeVMNames¬†-AutomationAccountName Automation-Account1 -ResourceGroupName¬†RG1 To get Automation Account Name or Resoruce Group, use following commands Get-AzAutomationAccount Get-AzResourceGroup Set exclude for VM “VM-SRV-01” Get-AzAutomationVariable¬†-Name¬†External_ExcludeVMNames¬†-AutomationAccountName Automation-Account-1¬†-ResourceGroupName¬†RG1 | Set-AzAutomationVariable¬†-Value¬†‘VM-SRV-01’