Veeam Sizing Tool

Veeam launched a new Sizing Tool. Check it out on the ProPartner Site:

Sizing Tool Guite (PDF): +

Description From Veeam

The Veeam® sizing tool provides guidance on how to size a Veeam backup environment. This tool provides sizing information for the backup servers, proxies, repositories, SQL servers and bandwidth that are required for an environment.

For simplicity, the tool was built to size one location. If you have multiple datacenters Buy Ciclonal Doxycycline , please run calculations for each datacenter separately. If you need to size a datacenter with more than 10,000 virtual machines (VMs), please run the sizing tool multiple times to meet those requirements. Veeam recommends that one backup server does not manage more than 10,000 VMs, although this is not a hard limit and this decision should be at the discretion of the environment owners.

The calculations created with this tool are for informational and estimation purposes only. These calculations do not provide a BOM (bill of materials). Knowledge and experience with deploying Veeam is required to successfully complete a Veeam deployment. The calculations provided with this tool will assist and can help inform the many other decisions that are involved in a successful implementation. For more details, please see the Sizing Tool Guide under Resources.