Veeam Certified Engineer — Advanced (VMCE-A): Design & Optimization V1 Course – PART 2

Today we had the second part of our Veeam Certified Engineer — Advanced (VMCE-A): Design & Optimization V1 Course. Topics covered today:

  • Optimizations (regarding: B&R Database, Proxy, Repo, per-VM files, Dedup Appliances, WAN Accelerator, Tapes, Enterprise Manager, Indexing and AV).
  • After that we started with the second part of the scenario which we talked yesterday – new situation: customer added some new components and how to backup / replicate them.
  • At the end, we looked at two other topics: Audit / Compliance and Troubleshooting (Most useful logs, etc.)

Helpful link today:

Virtual Architect


Resume about the course

If I look back the 2 days I have the following feedback:

  • Overall it was a really good experience and our teacher did it very well (he had a lot of personal experience)
  • Content could be sometimes a bit more technical
  • Add more (real-world) scenarios and show the participant also the solutions which Veeam would provide regarding best practices by Veeam
  • Scenarios could be a bit more detailed regarding the provided information’s
  • If you are a Hyper-V customer you will be lost. Focus is 90%+ on VMware (which is absolutely OK for me :-)). Maybe Veeam should offer 2 versions of the course (one with focus on Hyper-V and the other for VMware customers) but as I know, this is not so easy.

So I’m very excited about the exam. I will post a Part 3 when I tried it and will provide some information’s.

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4 Responses

  1. It’s an interesting about Hyper-V. Which part of the course do you feel was not covered as well on Hyper-V as VMware?

  2. Patrice says:

    My „overall-feeling“ is, that VMware is more handled by this course than Hyper-V. I think, if you would also create a (third) scenario with Hyper-V (regarding all the On/Off-Host Proxies, etc.) this would be useful for Hyper-V folks.

  3. How was the timings? What time did you start/finish on each day?
    Did you feel there was sufficient time to process a third scenario?

  4. Patrice says:

    So we started at 8:30 and finished up around 17:00 with 2 short breaks and lunch took 45 minutes. But during the brakes we discussed about the content of the course.
    A third scenario would be great, but then you have to short the other content a bit or the course takes one hour per day more (I would prefere the second one :-))